Carpets and Trunks

SOS Customs and its full service upholstery department offers a carpeting service  for any make and model. When replacing your carpet make sure you get it done professionally, removing old padding and disinfecting your floor pan are key  procedures to giving the full effect of a fresh carpet installation. We can match any existing oem color and patterns form the classic looped, wilton wool, Bentley, Porsche, German square weave are just a few types as well as marine carpet. Automotive carpet installation is a vital part of any restoration or can make daily driving feel a lot better by removing years of old smells out of your drive .


Keep your car interior looking fresh. It is just as important to keep the interior of your car looking good as the exterior does. With how much time you spend inside of your vehicle, don’t you deserve to travel in a well-kept and clean space?

50's Mercury trunk carpet

50’s Mercury trunk carpet